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What Good is a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, Anyway?

In 2007, when I was serving as the United States National Taxpayer Advocate, I proposed that the United States (US) Congress enact a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR).1 In fact, Congress had already passed three pieces of legislation titled “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”,

Lebo Kambule

Lebo Kambule is the founder of The Avatar Company, a marketing and virtual influencer management agency based in Johannesburg South Africa. Launched in 2018, The Avatar Company has created virtual humans that tell stories about themselves through social media. They live ordinary lives and experience what we ordinarily would experience in real life, but through the lens of a mobile phone. Lebo is also co-founder and creator of South Africa’s 1st virtual influencer, Kim Zulu. Lebo conceptualized and developed Kim Zulu in 2018 but then introduced her to the world in March of 2020 on Instagram, this then led to joining forces with Emoji Digital to further explore her possibilities around her existence.

Ayanda Thabethe

Ayanda Thabethe is a seasoned MC that has mastered the art of adapting to each organisations needs ensuring that every event she partakes in is a memorable experience. She is one of South Africa’s most followed media personalities on social media which has led her to share her voice to powerful influencer and ambassadorship campaigns which vary from social impact to lifestyle. Her pillars include but are not limited to beauty, fashion, wellness and fitness, women empowerment, travel and lifestyle. On screen Ayanda has shared the spotlight on the biggest productions in South African entertainment including South Africa’s longest running magazine show-Top Billing and is currently the newest face of Internationally acclaimed E! Entertainment as an anchor for E! Africa. Off screen Ayanda has a strong passion for education especially that of young girls which has given rise to her initiative , ‘A Beautiful Mind’ which enables students from all over the continent to make the right career choice through gathering minds and expertise from various industries to speak about their journeys in their respective careers.’

Dominic White

Dominic White is the ethical hacking director of Orange Cyberdefense, and MD of Orange Cyberdefense South Africa. He was CTO at SensePost, a 21-year-old South African-born information security consultancy, specialising in ethical hacking which was acquired by Orange Cyberdefense in 2019. He was previously a manager within the Security & Privacy Services division of Deloitte and holds an MSc from Rhodes University in the topic of computer security.

Rose Tuyeni Peter

Rose Tuyeni Peter is an economist with a deep interest in researching health systems and how they can be improved to deliver better and more equitable health outcomes. Rose joined Percept after previously working in financial inclusion and financial sector development. She holds an MSc in Health Economics and Decision Science from UCL and an MComm in Applied Economics from UCT.

Mufaro Chiwara

Mufaro Chiwara is Consultant at Percept who works on a wide range of health sector projects and problems. He has spent much of his time in the past year co-researching and understanding the telemedicine market in South Africa. Mufaro has an educational background in Actuarial Science and in Entrepreneurship, both from UCT.

Darren Langbein

Darren has been an entrepreneur for the past 10 years in the property and financial industries. He has extensive experience in management roles and has recently transitioned into the 4th Industrial Revolution, which he finds fascinating and exciting. Since 2017 he has launched three new start-ups in the telecommunications, investment and non-profit sectors. His passion for making a difference in people’s lives is what drives the type of projects he takes on. Darren is a great people’s person and has an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.